Natural Ways To Reduce Fatty Cheeks

Heavyweight has become a social stigma of this generation. Everybody wants their looks to be good, young and beautiful. This is why people try various things to reduce their weight, burn fats and look young.

Bigger cheeks are good to look but sometimes they can spoil your facial personality. Many people find it cute but not every time chubby cheeks look good. People use various supplements and pills to reduce their fats all around their body and especially from their face.

Fatty Cheeks

Fatty cheeks can make younger looks kiddish and make your appearance a plump. So here are some of the natural ways that you can reduce your fatty and chubby cheeks with any fear of any side-effects and allergies.

Egg Whites

According to the health experts, eggs contain numerous proteins and minerals beneficial to every organ of a human body. An egg is rich in vitamin A which is considered as beneficial to skin health. To lose face fat, you can try making a face mask out of egg whites, milk, lemon juice and honey. Applying this face mask every day can help you with burning unwanted fat.


Turmeric or Curcumin plays the most important role in Ayurveda and Indian medicinal treatment. Turmeric has the anti-aging properties that can help you fix your skin problems and restore your natural skin health. For a fat-free face, you can simply mix turmeric with yogurt and gram flour to make a paste and apply it on the face. Repeat until you get your desired results.


Melon is rich in vitamin C which can aid skin aging aspects. This fruit can act as a natural skin tightening agent. The natural fresh melon juice can help you lose fat from your face. Applying the juice daily with cotton on the face can help you lose some fat. You can drink the juice too which can help suppress your appetite and can discharge unwanted toxins from the body.


Almonds are loaded with Vitamin B6, E and omega-3 fatty acids that can help you with skin moisturize and tighten your skin. Almond oil, on the other hand, can help you with sin elasticity. Applying almond oil can help you with burning unwanted fat as the natural oil is rich in nutrients that can help you with providing necessary proteins that can combat stubborn fat around your cheek and chin area.

Coconut Oil

According to studies, coconut oil was traditionally used to improve skin and hair health due to essential nutrients present in the oil. This natural oil is considered as an excellent skin moisturizer and cleanser. Coconut oil is loaded with vitamin E that helps with skin hydration, elasticity, flexibility, and resilience. The coconut oil can help your skin to hydrate properly allowing your fat to burn, giving you a natural and fat-free face.

Coconut Oil


So if you are really looking for good fat-loss from your face and desires to have fat-less cheeks and chin then you can simply try using these natural materials that can help you with your desired facial appearance. It is advisable for people to avoid these natural ingredients if they are allergic to any of the above-mentioned components.

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